A Message from the Hockey Northland Board

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Message from HN Board

Exciting times for Northland Hockey Community as we commence the first games for the season in an unique environment,
However, this has not happened without sacrifices and challenges

• The HN staff are receiving only 80% of their contracted salaries, and have done so for the past few weeks.
• In this period they have created a safe environment and made the necessary arrangements to have practices and the Hockey season commencing within the guidelines set down by the Ministry of Health.
• They have provided a simple Contact Tracing process which has been communicated to all members. It is essential that all players/officials use this system as a safeguard for us continuing a safe and lawful operation.

The environment in which we all are operating is challenging, unsettling and unique. We would like to acknowledge the work done by the HN staff in getting us prepared to commence hockey this week. As the Government makes changes to the Levels of compliance, so too will HN be able to adjust the conditions and required processes.
During this time could we all please show some consideration and patience to the HN Staff and volunteers who are making it possible for us to enjoy our sport.

HN Board



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