Back to Play Under level 2 – Open Grade

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To all Players, Umpires, Parents and Supporters of the Northland Hockey membership.

Hope you are all safe and well as we move to Alert level 2 tonight.

As you may be aware we have surveyed our membership.

Based on these results we intend to restart the season with our open grades this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. With no spectators for week one (This will be updated on a weekly basis.)

Next week will be a double header week where each team will play twice, this will complete round robin play.

We will then move into three weeks of play for our play-offs, semi-finals, and finals to be held on Saturday 9th October (this is only 2 weeks later than originally scheduled).

We plan to play our Premier finals on Saturday 25 September.

The facility will be divided/fenced into 4 zones. 3 Turfs (Eves, Educare and Currie Electrical. 100 people per zone maximum) and the Bar/Kitchen zone (50 people maximum).

Only Players, Umpires and recognised team management and coaches will be granted entry, no additional Spectators will be allowed for week one. This will be reviewed on a week by week basis.

We will use the competitions package as our record of entry for players and Umpires.  Team management must sign in.

Anyone entering the facility will be required to sign in with either the NZ Covid app or manual sign in which will be available, for entering each zone.

Any Player/Umpire or team Management entering the Kitchen/Bar zone will be required to sign in as this is a separate zone.

The Facility will be regularly cleaned and Hand sanitizer made available.

Face masks will be required to be worn upon entering the facility once signed in and at your turf zone masks can be removed to play or officiate the game and then worn again when you depart. Masks must be worn in the Bar/Kitchen Zone once seated you may remove to eat/drink and they must be worn to depart.

Practices will depend on turf availability, and this will be looked at on a week by week basis.

While the Alert level 2 or Delta 2 levels have been released we are waiting on Sport NZ to update their website that relates more to the sports industry. We will keep updating as this information becomes available and will be asking people to adhere to these rules when in the Northland Hockey Facility.





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