COVID-19 message from the Hockey Northland Board (24 March)

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With the current COVID-19 outbreak the Board of Hockey Northland would like to reach out to the Hockey Northland staff, members and the wider hockey community to provide an update on the direction of where we are heading in these unprecedented times.

The health safety and well-being of all involved in hockey is our paramount concern. For any Club officers and Members please rest assured that we will do all that is possible to maintain the health safety and well-being. Note that each open grade club should be receiving (if not already received) a credit of the charges sent out in March for the 2020 club season. Club hockey is the life blood of our sport and so that will become our major focus as this pandemic develops.

Hockey New Zealand with our support has stopped all hockey until the 2nd of May 2020. Please be aware that the current situation is fluid and the date may change, we will inform you as soon as we are aware of any date changes. We will need to re-look at how the 2020 season will roll out once we have more clarity around the longevity of this pandemic.

We ask the community to support the Government & Hockey Northland and help us target this start date by doing your part to stop the chain of COVID-19 spreading. Please stay away from the Hockey centre until such time that you are advised that it is safe to attend. We are contactable by email and phone if you have any questions.

We would like to commend Grant and the team for doing the right thing by ensuring the safety of all members are not compromised.

We would also like to express our support to our membership, sponsors, and all involved as they will also be finding these challenging times.



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