Update COVID-19 Questions and Answers

COVID 19 – Hockey Northland Community Question and Answer Sheet

Hockey Northland is committed to keeping communication lines open, transparent and regular as we work through what is a very challenging time for all.

The following questions have been asked over the last few weeks :

Q: Will we definitely be starting competitions on 2nd May?

A: That’s the date we have currently been given.  We will keep engaged with the Hockey NZ, Associations and the Ministry of Health.  The situation changes fairly quickly so as soon as we have a unified approach we advise our hockey community.  When we get close to beginning of the postponed season we will consult with the clubs, schools and any other parties re the requirement of a practice period before the first game.

Q: Is there an early return to practice in line with some other sports?

A: No there is no early return to the turf for practice. From a player’s health and well being perspective there is no significant difference between practicing & playing hockey.

Q: What might the season look like moving forward?

A:  Our intention is to get a full season, although it is dependent on the duration of the postponement period.

Q: Can clubs and schools organise their own practises on external turfs?

A: NO. As a hockey community it is important, we all acknowledge that the postponement of all hockey is to protect our community against the spread of COVID 19. Team practices during this period is a risk for all.

Q: Are small groups or individual allowed to come up and use the turf?

A:  NO. The Whangarei ITM Hockey Centre is on full lock down, there is no public access, no climbing fences – absolutely no access.

Q: Can clubs hold hockey related meetings on site over the shutdown period?

A:   NO.  Due to the requirement to have staff on site when open to the public. Like a lot of organisations our staff may well be working remotely.

Q: Will there be refunds for programmes and competitions?

A:   Hockey Northland has credited the open grade game & affiliation fees today (25th March).



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