Update on the Water Cannons

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These pictures are the four pump impeller units that run all the water cannons on our turfs. Rubbish build up significantly compromises the pumps performance (on all turfs) and has damaged the impeller seals.  Here at Hockey Northland we do their best to keep the facilities as tidy as possible, although as the photos show these pumps are jammed with plastics of all sorts.   The rubbish gets into the drainage by the side of each turf and sits in a gully; we manage a certain amount to keep debris out of the gully which is emptied by our caretaker.

This will have happened over time as water is recycled to go through the main pumps the plastic debris builds up.  Now we have this as a major problem.  If McQuinn pumps may be able to do temporary seals, although we have been informed the parts come from Singapore.

This is not anyone’s fault in particular but it makes it even more important to reduce the plastics around the Hockey facilities, if you see any rubbish please pick it up and disposes of it in the bin.

We are working with McQuinn Pumps and looking at a possible temporary solution.



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