Volunteering Northland – COVID-19

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Obviously life will be different for a while, this is why we are adjusting as well. Our focus is now on connecting:

  • those in isolation that need help
  • people who are putting their hand up to volunteer
  • local community initiatives setting up “Covid-19 support groups”

If you are setting-up such a group or already have, let us know so we can refer people from your area that want to volunteer. A lot of amazing people are registered already, including nurses, teachers, firefighters and others who spontaneously want to donate their skills, energy and time. A good number of them are recently vetted as well. Registering as a COVID-19 support group is free and easy, simply click here to fill in the form. Also let us know if you are setting up some sort of support, whether it be virtual or out in the community. We are working on a list of support groups (for each area) on our website, so people who need help can find out what is available.

Some organisations are carrying on, but in a virtual capacity. We can help support you by advertising virtual roles as well. We have changed our website and added news-items and will continue to “tweak” while the situation develops and settles down. These are quickly changing times, but as always, we are here to help in any way we can. We hope that your family is safe and well and look forward to supporting your contribution in 2020.

Lets “Unite Against Covid-19”,
The Volunteering Northland Team
Lucy, Shar and Bart

PS Copy of our Facebook post, spread the word: Do you or someone you know need a bit of extra assistance during the lockdown? We are taking requests for support from people throughout Northland that might need some help getting the essentials or connecting with phone support. Click on the link for the form: https://volunteeringnorthland.nz/covid/help
*If you know people that are unable to access this form, you can assist by filling in the form for them. Try to communicate using the phone or a note in their letterbox to ring you, could be a good first step. Please wear gloves when doing so.

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